IMS sells various range of Products which includes different Software Package developed by IMS and Hardware related to the software, Security Devices, Computers and other Accessories.

Guard Patrol Monitoring System

IMS Courier Management System

Courier Management System keep track of process starting from Pickup Call, Booking entry, generating invoice and other documents like Airway Bill etc. This System Include different modules like Customer Profile Management Module, Quotation Module, Pickup Call Module, Rate Calculation Module, Marketing Module and Account Module.

IMS Cargo Management System

This system keep track of every process starting from Booking entered by consignee up to the shipment is completed. This includes receiving good from supplier, keeping inventory record of each received good, generating invoice and other documents like Certificate of Origin, GIS, Airway Bill etc and maintaining account of each local supplier, shipper and consignee [...]

IMS – Library Management System

Fully Bar Code integrated, this system is ideal solution for library who wish to keep accurate track of every book movement and prevent loss or theft of valuable books. This software also calculate over due fine if books not returned by due date.

IMS – Production Management System

Keeping record of goods movement from raw material, work in process and finished goods is nightmare for an accountant in any production unit. With IMS Production Management System, accountants would rather enjoy their job. Complexity of production management system is simplified so as to make it easier to use, yet powerful to handle Order Management, [...]

IMS – Petrol Pump Management System

This system integrates Pump Metering, Coupon Distribution & Tracking, Billing & Cash Management, Inventory and Finance into a simplified operation. Available in single user desktop version to multi user network version, this system is suitable for small one pump unit to large fuel station with multiple pumps & who also sales related products like lubricants, [...]

IMS – Restaurant Management

The ultimate solution for F & B outlets which need to operate KOT/BOT, Fast Billing, and also maintain efficient Inventory, Cost Analysis and Financial Reporting system. It eliminates time consuming manual calculation and produces inventory, cost analysis and financial reports instantly. Operational on single desktop to large network, it can take care of small unit [...]

IMS – Accounting System

Easy and simple to use, still very powerful, this is a complete accounting system along with inventory management module which takes care of any kind of business from small to large enterprise. Along with other features, Multiple Branch, Division, Project, Warehouse, Budgeting as per Nepali or English Calendar and VAT are some of unique tools [...]

Biometric Devices


Biometric devices are used for user verification/authentication purpose. Various range of such devices based on Finger Print or Face recognition can be used for time management and attendance, access control and many other purpose. This compact sized device able to function in a standalone mode, without any connection with PC and/or can use RS232 / [...]

IMS Time Trax – Attendance / Leave Mgmt & Payroll System


This cutting edge technology system integrates Bio-Metric verification technology like Finger Print, Face etc to track employees IN or OUT of the office. Since finger print of a person does not match with any other person, it becomes necessary for any employee to be physically present.