IMS – Restaurant Management

The ultimate solution for F & B outlets which need to operate KOT/BOT, Fast Billing, and also maintain efficient Inventory, Cost Analysis and Financial Reporting system. It eliminates time consuming manual calculation and produces inventory, cost analysis and financial reports instantly. Operational on single desktop to large network, it can take care of small unit to large network of food and beverage outlets.

Salient Features:

  • Multi Warehouse Management
  • Account Ledger
  • Group Ledger
  • Debtor & Creditors Report
  • Accounting Final Report
  • Sales Analysis System
  • Purchase Analysis System
  • KOT Billing System
  • TABLE Billing System
  • Food Costing
  • Consumption Entry based on closing stock
  • Cash Management System
  • Recipe  Entry
  • Consumption Variance Checking System
  • Stock Management
  • MIS Report

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