Magic Plus 5100

Magic Plus 5100 is the most complete biometrics based time management and access control device. This compact sized device able to function in a standalone mode, without any connection with PC and/or can use RS232 / RS 485 PC ports to integrate them.

Hunno’s Magic Plus 5100 is physically stronger than other optic-based fingerprint recognition system in terms of shock-resistance, scratch-resistance, environment-resistance and etc.

• Optic Based Technology
• Standalone or network operation
• Icon menus on the display
• Messaging Function
• 4 Direct press function keys
• Identification and Verification capability for Authentication activity.
• Simple enrollment process (centralized at PC or at device)
• Audible indicators

• Site Security and Access Control (safe deposit box room, server room, database room, main computer room, meeting room, office, weapon room etc)
• Time Management & Time Attendance
• ATM Safe Control
• Network communication
• Job Order Costing
• Manufacture Production Monitoring etc.

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