Biometric Devices

Biometric devices are used for user verification/authentication purpose. Various range of such devices based on Finger Print or Face recognition can be used for time management and attendance, access control and many other purpose. This compact sized device able to function in a standalone mode, without any connection with PC and/or can use RS232 / RS 485 / TCP IP to integrate them.

• Optic Based Technology
• Standalone or network operation
• Icon menus on the display
• Messaging Function
• 4 Direct press function keys
• Identification and Verification capability for Authentication activity.
• Simple enrollment process (centralized at PC or at device)
• Audible indicators

• Site Security and Access Control (safe deposit box room, server room, database room, main computer room, meeting room, office, weapon room etc)
• Time Management & Time Attendance for Office, School, Banks etc.
• ATM Safe Control
• Network communication
• Job Order Costing
• Manufacture Production Monitoring etc.

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